The Creative Group is a commercial and residential concept and design studio lead by two directors who believe in a collaborative and strategic approach to design.

Our passion is creating residential interiors that are beautiful, functional and balanced and commercial spaces that are unique, operationally functional, successful and on-brand.

With 25 years combined experience our diversified portfolio showcases creative and functional solutions in an eclectic range of scenarios.

We work with a wide variety of clients, designers, architects, consultants and developers both locally and internationally and have built our reputation upon a client driven philosophy.

Our highly considered approach to design enables us to achieve a comprehensive and ultimately valuable result for our clients.

The Creative Group


Creative Director

BDes. Interior Architecture, Dip. Computer Graphic Design

My strong space perception and visualisation are what help me to transform concepts on paper into creative, enjoyable and functional physical spaces. Its emotionally rewarding to produce a space that has a positive impact on its users, both physically and mentally.

Clear communication and helping clients to articulate their vision is the way to build a detailed and accurate brief. I know from experience that a detailed brief and a collaborative team approach produces the very best results.

I’m proud of the working relationships I have built within the design industry over the past 10 years, both with clients, consultants, manufactures and trades alike. These relationships and networks provide a wealth of knowledge. I continually expand my learnings within specialised areas, giving me a comprehensive view of each project.

My passion isn’t limited to design and construction documentation. I’m equally at home immersed in the vast libraries of fixtures, finishes and furniture that give a space its personality. I love being on-site in my high-vis and hard-hat, having a bit of banter with the site teams and engaging in the wonders that are design and construction.


Creative Director

BAS. Interior Architecture

From a very young age I have been passionate about art, design and interiors and the way people engage and interact with them. As an Architectural Designer, creating spaces that uplift, edify and work both on a physiological and commercial basis is what inspires me.

I have managed and owned hospitality businesses and understand what it takes to create a successful business in a challenging industry. I know how important both form and function is to the success of a commercial space and how both contribute to the bottom line.

Residential spaces are also a huge passion of mine. The spaces that people live within are an expression of who they are and what matters to them. That is why this is a collaborative and inclusive process and I like to treat it as a journey we are both on to arrive at the right result.

My experience over the years in interior design, spatial design, feasibility planning, consent documentation and building standards, paired with back of house design in hospitality environments, gives me a unique perspective. It has enabled The Creative Group to provide a comprehensive approach with the aim of providing our clients with well-planned and successful businesses.